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For Windows 7 users - if you are experiencing difficulties:
  1. Go to start button
  2. In the search [programs and files] window Type: internet
  3. Under PROGRAMS, highlight the Internet Explorer not the Internet Explorer (64-bit)
  4. When the browser comes up, type in and go to webcam
  5. Install Active X if prompted.
You may also try the following:
If you try the web cam and have it up on your screen, but it will not connect, try the following steps:
1.Go to the tools tab near the top right side of your screen
2.Click on it
3.Scroll down to Compatibility View settings
4.Click on it
5.In the add this website window, our website,, should be in it - if not add it in that window.
6.Click on add
7.Click on close

If the web cam does not open, please let me know Thank you!