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Only one mile from the end of the road! Pine Point Lodge

Only one mile from the end of the road gives Pine Point the quiet getaway location that you will cherish each time you visit. Being strategically located at your back door, the BWCAW, Voyageurs National Park, and Canada’s Quetico Provincial Park offer you unspoiled wilderness with millions of acres and thousands of scenic shoreline miles to fish, hike, and explore.

Of the park’s 218,000 acres over one-third are water. Thirty lakes of all sizes make up this enchanting chain of lakes. The larger lakes are dotted with pine covered rocky islands. The beauty is extraordinary. Your experience at Pine Point could include motorboating, fishing, canoeing, sightseeing, hiking along trails, looking for animal signs or blueberries in season. Voyageurs National Park stands preserved and protected by the National Park Service, giving you a view of the world as it appeared to the French and Canadian fur traders.

On either side of Pine Point’s Peninsula, there are two separate rivers coming in. Walleye, Bass and Crappies key on the forage that is abundant in these incoming waters. An underwater ridge is located just in front of the resort. This makes for an excellent Crappie fishing hole. In fact, try fishing from the docks at the resort. Northern, Bass, Walleye or Crappie are frequently caught just outside your cottage door.

Are you looking a one of a kind Muskie trip of a lifetime?

Imagine telling your friends that you fished for a distinct muskie that was left behind after the glaciers receded thousands of years ago! Truly, these unique fish are only found in this exclusive lake and have been labeled a genetically dwarfed species. Your adventure begins with a 2 1/2 mile hike, where you will find a canoe, then paddle one mile, and finish with an approximate quarter mile portage to this mystifying lake. Check with Jeff or Cathy to make plans for this trip.

Can Lake Sturgeon fly?

We’d have a photo, but it’s nearly impossible to catch on film. Grab your camera and get ready for the challenge! In any event, in an average week, there are multiple sightings of this prehistoric fish jumping (it looks like they are trying to fly) out of the water. If you’re out fishing on the water, you’ll hear a loud belly flop splash; you’ll look around quickly, and then wonder, “What was that?” Well, most likely, it would have been a Lake Sturgeon! Not only do they jump, but when you least expect it, one will latch onto your fishing line and give you the fight of a lifetime! Generally, he, or she, who is fishing, has been extremely surprised to have one on their line. This battle with one of the oldest vertebrates on Earth can last for hours! Typically, nine out of ten times, your fishing equipment will lose to this battle. Any photo taken is a well earned prize!

Mukooda Lake

This lake is about 5 miles from the Lodge by boat, and

Vermilion Falls

Visit the Vermilion Falls… marvel at the cascading waterfall… Vermilion Falls FEATURES

Vermilion Gorge

Vermilion Gorge Vermilion Gorge FEATURES Hike the Historic Gorge… track wildlife… listen

Vermilion River – River fishing at its best!

Vermilion River – River fishing at its best! Vermilion River FEATURES Our

Loon Lake

Loon Lake Loon Lake FEATURES One of the most scenic trips to

Lilac Lake

Lilac Lake Lilac Lake FEATURES Attention anglers!Lilac Lake produces unbelievable northern pike,

Crane Lake

Crane Lake Crane Lake FEATUREs Crane Lake is a 3,000 acre lake