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Mukooda Lake

Mukooda Lake FEATURES

This lake is about 5 miles from the Lodge by boat, and the hike into Mukooda is relatively easy. It is less than a block long and is the easiest hike of all the lakes. A novice hiker should have no problem going in. We have one boat on Mukooda available for Pine Point guests to use. The lake is known for its small and largemouth bass, lake trout and abundant panfish. This is an action packed fishing lake for youngsters and adults alike.
Mukooda is a clear, spring-fed lake with a clarity of approximately 20’. Bring your snorkel or scuba gear and head to the depths of the astounding lake. Swim amongst the bass and other fish as you explore this phenomenal lake.

There is a beach and picnic area located on the lake. Pack a shore lunch and head out to Mukooda for a perfect remote lake experience!!